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The Kobe Energy Bracelet


Citrine and Amethyst combine to aid with creativity and manifestation in The Kobe Energy Bracelet.

Helps With
Focus & Concentration
Inner-Peace & Spirituality
Money & Prosperity
New Beginnings
Self-Discipline & Inner Strength

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Amethyst & Citrine Gemstone Fashion Jewelry Bracelet

A salute to the legendary Kobe Bryant, The Kobe Energy Bracelet combines Citrine and Amethyst to aid with creativity and manifestation.   This full of energy Citrine gemstone bracelet fits nicely in any fashion jewelry collection.

Citrine is a stone that emits strong energies of prosperity, creativity and manifestation. Forming in a golden-yellow color, these powerful crystals are also beautiful. This yellow-orange stone is thought to attract prosperity and wealth, while also bringing forth motivation and creativity. Other properties of Citrine also include enhancing intellect, balancing the mind and promotes joy and enthusiasm. This is a great all around stone to keep close by.

Amethyst is a purple form of quartz. Related to the third-eye, Amethyst is known to be a stone of insight & intuition, promoting connection to the higher self. Aiding with stress and anxiety, creativity and intuition, makes Amethyst a great all around stone to have. Being a guard against psychic attack, Amethyst can also be a great stone for protection. While protecting, it can also bring about spiritual awareness and enhance intuition. Amethyst can also assist with addiction and nightmares.


Stylish and full of energy, this Citrine Gemstone Bracelet will definitely raise your vibration.

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Purple, Yellow-Gold

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Crown, Solar Plexus, Third Eye

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