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Tiger Eye Bracelet

Energetic Balance Energy Bracelet

Get closer to energetic balance using Tiger Eye, Onyx, Map Jasper and Hematite in the Manifestation Flow Energy Bracelet by Reverb Crystals. Helps With Anxiety...

Manifestation Flow Energy Bracelet

Let the energies of manifestation flow using Tiger Eye, Onyx, Map Jasper and Hematite with the Manifestation Flow Energy Bracelet. Helps With Anxiety Calming Clearing...

Focus Manifest Energy Bracelet

Keep the energies of focus and manifestation close by with the Focus Manifest Energy Bracelet. Helps With Manifestation Courage Security Focus on the Present Boosting...

Grounding Self-Love Energy Bracelet

Mahogany Obsidian and Black Obsidian are accented with Hematite and Tiger Eye in the Grounding Self-Love Energy Bracelet. Helps With Balance Anxiety Grounding Clearing Negativity...

amethyst fashion bracelet

Creative Balance Energy Bracelet

Amethyst and Sodalite combine for stunning clarity in this beautiful Creative Balance Energy Bracelet. Helps With Anxiety Clarity & Balance Communication Inner-Peace & Spirituality Intuition...

Higher Self Energy Bracelet

Connecting to the higher self and the divine, both Howlite and Amethyst come together to create the Higher Self Energy Bracelet by Reverb Crystals. Helps...

jade bracelet

Life Force Energy Bracelet

With Jade enhancing life force energies and Hematite absorbing negative energies, these gemstones create a beautiful, functional and fashionable bracelet. Helps With Clearing Negativity Negative...

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