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Calcite Meaning & Properties

A carbonate mineral, calcite forms in a variety of colors.  Being an energetic amplifier, Calcite, depending on the color, can aid with an array of things.  Negative energies depart with Calcite around.  Being a spiritual stone, Calcite also opens one to higher consciousness, connecting mind and body.  Calming, cleansing and peaceful energies all emit from this versatile stone. 


Blue Calcite

Helping with inspiration, Blue Calcite can also aid with communication.

Personal Will

Orange Calcite

Aligns one’s thoughts with actions and personal will.  Orange Calcite also promotes self-expression and creativity.


Green Calcite

Brings about desires for positivity.  Vibrating the energy of health, Green Calcite can aid in cleansing the aura and bringing about a sense of well being.


Pink (Mango) Calcite

Pink Calcite helps with confidence and compassion while also supporting the general health of one’s heart.


Yellow Calcite

Assisting with self-confidence and enhancing self-worth, Yellow Calcite is a great stone to have for overcoming obstacles.


White Calcite

Emitting cleansing vibrations, white Calcite brings about clarity and balance.


Red Calcite

Red Calcite emits grounding and protective energies while also bringing about an increase in one’s energy.


Black / Gray Calcite

Bringing about a sense of stability, Black Calcite aids with grounding and protection.

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