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Aventurine Meaning & Properties

Forming in a variety of colors, Aventurine is a type of Quartz.  It’s known to be a stone of prosperity.  Balancing perception, it focuses the mind and stimulates creativity for the holder.  Furthermore, Aventurine harmonizes female and male energies, bringing about a general feeling of peace and well-being.  In addition, this stone promotes love and compassion while also diffusing anger and irritability. Aventurine is a great all around stone to have around.


Green Aventurine

Green is the most common color for Aventurine.  Unconditional love and prosperity are what green Aventurine is all about.


Blue Aventurine

Dispelling stale energies, Blue Aventurine can enhance communication and help with manifestation. 


White Aventurine

Harmonizing the chakras, white Aventurine balances the mind, body and spirit, bringing about a stronger connection to the higher self.


Yellow Aventurine

Promoting self-esteem, yellow Aventurine balances the solar plexus chakra.  It can also aide with manifestation as well as abundance and prosperity.


Red / Orange Aventurine

Emits vibrations that make one feel safe and secure.

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