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Apache Tears Meaning & Properties


Rounded Obsidian stones are what’s known as Apache Tears. Although they aren’t technically crystals, they do have healing properties.  Helping with grief is the main one of these properties.  Absorbing energy, Apache Tears can also bring one back from sad or dark emotions.

What are Apache tears and their connection to the Apache tribe?

Apache tears are a type of obsidian, a natural glass formed by the rapid cooling of lava. They are usually dark in color, but can also be found in shades of brown and yellow. The name “Apache tears” comes from a legend about the Apache tribe. According to the legend, when the Apache chief Cochise died, his wife cried so much that her tears turned to stone. 

Apache tears are said to be a reminder of the sorrow and pain of the Apache people. The legend says that if you carry an Apache tear, it will absorb your sorrow and pain, and help you to heal. Apache tears are often used in Native American ceremonies and rituals.

The history and legend of the Apache tears

The name Apache tears comes from a legend about the Apache tribe. According to the legend, the Apache women would weep for their dead warriors, and their tears would turn into these black stones.
Obsidian is found all over the world, but the Apache tears are found only in the southwestern United States. They are usually small, round, and black, but can also be transparent.

The Apache tears have been used by Native Americans for centuries, both for their beauty and for their magical properties. Some believe that the stones have the power to absorb negative energy, and to help heal grief and sadness.

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